2010 Goals

So I have been actually reading the Twitter and Facebook updates of some friends of mine and decided that I too should write a blog post about this year and the year to come. I certainly have no reason not to write one!

I guess I don’t really know where to start but I suppose I could start with a general overview of the year. The key points of what happened in my “Photography Career”

  • Began the year with the Five Giants Studio.
  • Purchased a Canon 5D
  • Decided I was having a heart attack after a photoshoot in Toledo, ended up in the Hospital.
  • Had my first photoshoot for AP Magazine with Hit The Lights, two days later shot Hellogoodbye and two months later shots The Rocket Summer

I guess looking back I didn’t complete nearly as much as I had hoped this year. I was hoping to be further along in my career then I am right now. I have been thinking a lot about the future of my photography career latley and I am driven more than ever to complete my goals for 2010. I am going to do what I need to do in order to get to where I need to be. I will even kill, okay, kidding of course.

Following are a list of my goals in 2010!

  • Form my LLC and take further steps to legitimize myself as a business, not just a kid with a camera
  • Network myself better with Social Networking and Actual human interaction
  • Continue with http://www.avdtutorials.com, I’ve been slacking hard for the last few months with that
  • Work on more creative concepts and lose the girls holding flowers in fields crap.
  • Work more with my Bronica ETRS Medium Format camera
  • Develop a consistent branding across everything. Networking, Business Cards, Mailers, etc
  • Work on my lighting and editing techniques
  • Work on getting more camera gear – Mainly lenses
  • Most importantly, refine my style as a photographer. Work on messing with my techniques a bit more than I have been in the past

As you can see, I have a lot I want to work on in the next 366 days before 2011. These goals of course aren’t a sure fire way to get me to the top of my game, but I am going to work my hardest to get to where I want to be.

Of course I have more goals than this, goals outside of photography, I guess just general life goals, which are as follows:

  • Continue the no red meat and no dark pop policy I have been doing for the past few months
  • I am 22 year old and living at home, I’d enjoy to move out on my own.
  • Continue the relationship I am in with Emily, spend everyday how we have been and just being happy to the max.
  • Save a little bit of cash up again

Well I hope that was an informative look into my goals and such. I hope you all have thought about yours and plan on working to achieve them as I will with mine.

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